When you think about all the things you want to purchase for your grandchild, life insurance would likely be near the bottom of the list. While it may not be the most exotic purchase, by the end of this blog I hope life insurance would be up for consideration. Pages: 1 2

Would you like to make a charitable gift to help organizations or people in need; to support a specific cause; for recognition such as a naming opportunity at a school or university? Perhaps you would do it just for the tax incentives. There are any number of reasons, and life insurance can be one of […]

Without a fresh look at their workforce, insurers may find themselves unable to keep pace with the changes brought about by the next wave of digital technologies. Michael Costonis explains. Insurers are investing in the tools and technologies they need to keep pace with constant change in the digital era.  

The technology maturity s-curve for insurers provides great guidance on where each new digital tool is located in the four-categories: Emerging, improving, mature or aging. But that’s not the only guide insurers should consider before making investments in the technological advances they seek for their business. 

Historically, the life insurance industry has relied on the agent-based model and targeted mainly wealthier customers. Pursuing less affluent segments was an economic challenge for carriers. However, as insurers enter the digital realm, they need to reinvent their product offerings for an audience that is different than the traditional customer profile. Pages: 1 2